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Facebook has become among the more vital sites around, not just for the normal person to get in touch with their family and friends, but for online marketers too. You can position very targeted advertisements which is something not a lot of the other social networks websites provide. In contrast to other this makes it quite simple to see your investments earnings and to draw in new clients. Live Leap Review & Bonuses Site:

Facebook has simply launched a new service that is called Facebook Live. The brand-new service lets you share videos in real time, straight from your mobile phone. It is an excellent method to be able to have interactions with your audience straight. Facebook Live's only drawback is that just your live stream can be shared from a Facebook home of yours, such as your Groups, Pages or Profiles. That is where LiveLeap enters play.

What Is Live Leap?

This is the very first, the one and only Facebook Live syndication tool which will, the minute you go live, directly share your Live feed into all you Facebook groups, pages, Linkedin profile. Twitter accounts, e-mail lists and all the way to your mobile contacts through a text message.

Without using LiveLeap you will just be able to live in the location you have actually selected within the app. In other words you will only have the ability to go love on your actual profile, one group or one page. This translates into a great deal of work you will need to do. That would involve great deals of additional work for you. In addition, your fans from throughout your different social media networks may miss when you go live or not recognize you were live if you don't share it right when it goes live.

With LiveLeap that will not take place. This software which is cloud based will share your live stream immediately on all the social networks you have actually selected.

All your Facebook groups, profile pages and fan pages can be utilized. You can even share it on all your Twitter accounts and LinkedIn profiles. The alternative to mail your list instantly each time you go live is also possible. LiveLeap incorporates with Twilio as well, which allows you to send out all your contacts a sms message to inform them that you are live.

All you have to do is established your accounts within LiveLeap and from that moment on sharing the moment you go live will be done similarly and instantly. You can also alter the accounts for every specific live stream. There is no other software out there that features this remarkable, time saving function ensuring that you truly get the most from all your live streams on Facebook.

When it pertains to Facebook or any other social media marketing for that matter, Facebook Live is definitely exactly what is hot and LiveLeap will be you associate, automatically announcing your live stream. If you're an online marketer then you definitely need to have a more detailed look at Facebook's brand-new service and start with it as soon as possible so that you don't lose your fans to your rivals.


released June 7, 2016



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